Shared Housing Ordinance Prohibited Buildings List Affidavit

January 30, 2017

Under the Shared Housing Ordinance, the owners of buildings containing five or more dwelling units, along with cooperative buildings, condominium buildings, and buildings governed by a homeowners association can exclude short-term rental activity (i.e. rental or occupancy of a dwelling unit for 31 or fewer consecutive days) in the building.

In order to place a building on the Prohibited Buildings List, the building owner or authorized agent of the cooperative building, condominium building, or building governed by a homeowners association, must complete an Affidavit For Inclusion In Prohibited Buildings List, and submit a notarized original affidavit to:

Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection
ATTN: Prohibited Buildings List
121 N. LaSalle St., City Hall, Room 805
Chicago, IL 60602

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