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Friday, 8/14 at 9:30 AM Webinar
How to Write a Business Plan. What you need to know!
Presented by:  Donna R. Rockin, Managing Partner at Rockin Enterprises, Inc.
Learn how to create a comprehensive business plan.  It's easier than you think when you understand all the components that get included.  You'll receive a complete list of what to include to demystify the process. Writing a solid business plan is your roadmap to business success.

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The Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP) offers workshops every Wednesday and Friday. Workshops vary each month and are conducted by City Officials, experts, and partner business organizations. All workshops are free, and open to the public. Workshops are held at BACP's offices located in Room 805 and Room 1103 at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL  60602. 

To register for a workshop please email or call 312.744.2086. 

City Inspections - Ask Questions, Get Answers 2020 Workshop Calendar 

Talk to City Inspectors, Ask Questions, Get Answers is a special workshop offered on the first Wednesday of every month at City Hall. The workshop is highly recommended for anybody interested in opening a business, especially one that requires a pre-license inspection for one or more city departments. This workshop will give you the full spectrum of licensing, permits and inspection requirements for many types of businesses including restaurants, manufacturing, day care centers, motor vehicle repair shops and many others.

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Business Start-Up Certificate Program

BACP offers a program designed to give business owners the essential elements in starting and growing a business. Attend nine workshops at BACP and earn a Business Start-Up Certificate.Learn the essentials in business planning, financing, marketing, legal issues, technology and more.Participation is free and optional.  Complete the program workshops within six months and walk away with a certificate. Register for the Business Start-Up Certificate Program at any BACP workshop.

For more information or to register for a workshop call 312.744.2086.

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