Disciplinary Hearings

Whether it is an ordinance code violation or a pending license revocation, the Small Business Center wants to make sure that businesses located in the City operate fairly and safely. Violation and/or citation notices may result in a disciplinary hearing at one of the below departments. For more information, click on a specific department below:

Department of Administrative Hearings
The Department of Administrative Hearings is an independent quasi-judicial body that can hold hearings and conduct investigations. Issues handled by this body relate to the public health, safety, welfare, morals and quality of life of the residents of the City of Chicago.

Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection (BACP) – Adjudication Division
The BACP – Adjudication Division is responsible for discipline of businesses that operate in Chicago and are found to be in violation of city laws. BACP protects the public from unfair and deceptive practices and enforces consumer protection ordinances.

License Appeal Commission for Liquor Licensing
The License Appeal Commission (LAC) is where appeals for any disciplinary action imposed by the City of Chicago or Local Liquor Control Commissioner (LLCC) are decided against a liquor license holder. Additionally, the LAC holds formal hearings for any appeal for a denied liquor license application or a refusal to renew a liquor license issued by the LLCC.

Building and License Enforcement
Building and License Enforcement attorneys take legal action in the following areas: Administrative Hearings/Buildings; Conservation; License Enforcement; Troubled Buildings to include Drug and Gang House and Demolition; and Zoning.

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