Hiring & Training Resources

In addition to the resources below, there are numerous grants and tax credits available to assist with the hiring and training of employees.

Organization Resource & Description Contact
Manufacturing Business Sectoral Center ManufacturingWorks partners with community-based organizations, workforce groups, area technical training providers, and other associations. These partners refer candidates to ManufacturingWorks for assessment and testing. ManufacturingWorks is also the link for employers to city and state resources for their internal and external training development. MW assists in the facilitation and project management of area trainers, as well as grant writing to cover costs of the training for the employers such as the On the Job Training Program.  Through this program, businesses may be reimbursed up to 50% of the new employee’s wages while they are in training.

2800 S. Western Ave.
WIA Workforce Center Chicago ServiceWorks offers a wide variety of human capital solutions to local businesses in the hospitality industry. Through ServiceWorks, businesses hire and retain reliable employees. Since its inception in 2005, ServiceWorks has worked with over 300 employers in Chicago to assess their unique hiring and/or training needs. Businesses benefit from a pool of qualified and trained employees, which results in lower recruiting costs and increase employee retention. ServiceWorks links employers to federal financial hiring incentive resources and leverage funding for trainings that employers can receive reimbursement up to 50% of new employee wages. 500 N. Dearborn St., Suite 850

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