Inspections 101

Summary of Inspections


Retail Food Establishment License

Liquor License - Consumption on Tavern

Liquor License - Tavern

Liquor License -Late Hour

Outdoor Patio/Café

Permit Inspections (if construction is required)

Department of Buildings check mark check mark check mark check mark check mark

License Inspections

Department of Public Health check mark check mark check mark    
Department of Buildings (SIP)   check mark check mark   check mark
Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Services   check mark check mark check mark check mark
Fire Department   check mark check mark    


Improvements to Inspection Process

We are excited to offer a team-based building inspection for all restaurants, regardless of the size.  Depending on your building permits, the team will include inspectors that specialize in electrical, ventilation, plumbing, structure, and refrigeration. If you request for a team inspection, we will send  inspectors out within 3 business days and the inspection will occur between 9 to 11 AM.

The advantages include :

  • Shorter advance notice required and less wait time (3 business days vs. up to 14 business days for certain inspections)
  • Fewer inspection visits
  • Greater consistency across trades

If you choose not to take advantage of team-based inspections, you can still individually schedule each  inspection.


Scheduling Inspections FAQ

  1. How can I schedule a permit inspection?
    Apply for an Inspection Request

    After inputting all the necessary information, you will have the option to choose whether or not you want a team based inspection for your Rough or Final inspection

        Note: You can find the
    Food Plan review application here
  2. How can I schedule an on-site Food consultation?
      to ensure that your kitchen construction meets all the relevant health codes
  3. How do I schedule a Licensing Inspection?
      Schedule your inspections with the BACP consultant after you pay for your licenses
  4. How can I prepare for an inspection?
    Section H of the Restaurant Guide Section
        provides a comprehensive checklist to prepare for your inspection. Click here to download this section

    For more detail, you can also review the Food Rules and Regulations

  5. How do I schedule a re-inspection?
  6. What are the most common reasons, business owners fail their inspection?
    Download list for common inspection mistakes.

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