Business Compliance and Enforcement

Business Compliance Enforcement is the enforcement division that investigates and regulates businesses.  Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) investigators inspect businesses and issue violations, where necessary, to ensure compliance with City laws.  Investigators conduct targeted investigations of unscrupulous and fraudulent business practices throughout the City and investigate consumer complaints.

Alternative Pricing Systems Alternative Pricing Systems
Alternative Pricing System, or APS, is a system other than individual price marking that is designed to inform consumers of the price of particular products. It exempts the retailer from the requirement of individual price marking.  The City certifies stores that use electronic scanning devices for pricing, in place of individually price marking each piece of merchandise, to assure that consumers are charged the correct price at checkout.
Hearint and Disciplinary Actions Hearing and Disciplinary Actions
BACP conducts hearings and issues disciplinary action when businesses are found to be in violation of the Municipal Code of Chicago. BACP protects the public from unfair and deceptive practices and enforces consumer protection ordinances.
BACP also protects the public safety by identifying and removing dangerous products from stores and notifying consumers of those products.

Keep Chicago Renting Keep Chicago Renting
A person who lives in a building with one or more rental units, including a single family house or a condominium unit, and has a valid agreement to live in the rental property which has been foreclosed is protected by the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance.
Plastic Bag Recycling Plastic Bag Recycling
The plastic bag ban and annual reporting requirements have been repealed  Please refer to the Department of Finance's Webpage. 
Tobacco Tobacco
BACP licenses the sale of tobacco products in Chicago. The rules for tobacco dealing in Chicago can be found on the Tobacco page your convenience.
Weights and Meaures Weights and Measures
All devices used for weighing or measuring (i.e., scales and gas pumps), where products are sold directly to consumers, must be certified and sealed annually by the City of Chicago. A certification inspection performed by BACP will test the accuracy of such devices..


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