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Protect yourself and others by Adhering below Guidelines.

Phase 3 Guidelines for Taxi and Ride Hail  City of Chicago Centralized Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Taxicab Dispatch Service  CHICABS One Pager

CHICABS offers safe and secure options to hail and/or pay for a Chicago taxicab ride.
CHICABS offers options for taxicab passengers to electronically hail (E-Hail) a taxicab through a mobile app.  CHICABS approved apps also let passengers electronically pay (E-Pay) for the taxicab fare through the app.


Two or more independent travelers may choose to share a taxi from a designated airport cab stand for a flat rate per person at the following rates:


From O'Hare to Downtown or McCormick Place

$24.00 per person

From Midway to Downtown or McCormick Place

$18.00 per person

From O'Hare to Midway

$37.00 per person

From Midway to O'Hare

$37.00 per person


  • “Downtown” is 22nd Street (South), Fullerton Avenue (North), Ashland Avenue (West), and Lake Michigan (East), and includes McCormick Place
  • A minimum of two passengers and maximum of four passengers originating from specified locations and ending within specified locations for a specified flat fee per person
  • Shared rides shall be in operation only at designated airport cab stands when authorized personnel are on duty



Download ARRO from the Apple App Store or Google Play

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Download CURB from the Apple App Store  or Google Play 

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Information for Taxicab Drivers:

Taxicab drivers can register directly on-line for both or one of the following CHICABS program approved APPS:

Register at
Register at

Video CURB Taxi App - Your Questions Answered Webinar

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