Community Meetings

When not operated properly, licensed business may create problems that impact local residents. Common complaints include: loitering, panhandling, trash, excessive noise, traffic congestion, public intoxication, prostitution, gang or narcotic activity.

The Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection/Local Liquor Control Commission assists local community members and licensees by facilitating community meetings to resolve problems together. Community meetings begin at the request of neighboring residents, local Aldermen, or local police district commanders. At these meetings, the Department encourages the licensee, police officers from the local police district, the local Alderman and concerned citizens to discuss and identify problems. Strategies and ideas are shared in an attempt to resolve the identified concerns. Progress is monitored by the Department with follow-up community meetings. Licensees are warned that if they fail to appear for the meetings or if problems continue, license revocation hearings may result.


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