Energy Disclosure Application

The Chicago Municipal Code requires that a building or dwelling unit owner must provide a disclosure to prospective tenants whether they will be responsible directly to the utility company for paying the cost of gas or electric heat for that building or unit.  The property owner / landlord must also provide in writing the annual cost of heating based on the previous 12 months.

In addition, at the time any residential dwelling unit or building is offered for sale, the owners / agents must provide information as to the gas or electric cost for heating that unit or building for the previous 12 months.  The owner or agent must also inform the prospective purchaser whether the dwelling unit or building was occupied during the previous 12 months, and if so, for what portion of the time.

The form may be forwarded to the utility company to request the information required by Chapter 5-16.

The Application for Energy Disclosure is used to request gas or electric disclosures on a particular address and / or unit number.  Separate applications are required for Gas and Electric Heat.

Building Owners must provide an energy disclosure - the cost of monthly heating - to prospective tenants prior to signing lease. 

The property owner may use the application for energy disclosure to obtain current information. 

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