Shared Housing Host / Shared Housing Unit

A "shared housing host" is an owner or tenant of a shared housing unit who rents the unit to guests.

A “shared housing unit” is part or all of a dwelling unit that is rented to guests through a Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary such as Airbnb.

A shared housing unit is required to be registered with, and approved by, the City via a Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary as part of the process of signing up with the Intermediary, but is not required to obtain a license. The Intermediary must apply and collect hotel accommodation tax on behalf of the shared housing unit host as part of each rental transaction, and must submit the tax to the City.

 Shared housing hosts MUST register directly with licensed internet platforms. This interaction is strictly between the licensed internet platform and a host. Do not contact the City of Chicago. You must contact the licensed internet platform directly.

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