Wheelchair Accessible Taxis


The City of Chicago is committed to providing efficient taxicab service to those individuals requiring a wheelchair accessible taxicab. 

The City’s Centralized Wheelchair Taxicab Dispatch Service is provided by Open Doors Organization, a Chicago-based company.  The service is known as “Open Taxis”. Open Doors Organization was selected through a request for proposal open bidding process. 

Whether you need an immediate pickup or to schedule a ride in advance, you can contact Open Taxis 24/7 by calling their toll-free phone number at 1-855-WAV-1010 or 1-855-928-1010.

Visit Open Taxi's Web site at  www.opentaxis.com to explore all the options available to request a Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab, including text, email and mobile phone applications.



The City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) invite the submission of proposals in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the operation of a centralized dispatch service for City of Chicago licensed wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) taxicabs.  BACP is seeking an interested and eligible vendor to operate the City of Chicago's Centralized Dispatch Service for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Taxicabs. 

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - Information for Owners

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) are required for certain licensees.  Please refer to Section VII of the Taxi Medallion License Holder Rules and Regulations and Section 9-112-570 of the Municipal Code of Chicago for guidance.  

For a list of Wheelchairs Accessible Vehicles (WAVs), click here to visit Public Vehicles data portal 

PV Notice 20-004 – 2019 Taxicab Driver Excellence Awards

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2019 Driver Excellence Nomination Form new

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle - WAV Taxi Incentive Program

Approved WAV Taxicab Voucher Program Vendors

WAV Chauffeur Taxicab Lease Subsidy Request

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Taxicab Reimbursement Forms

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Extension Request Form

WAV Taxicab Vehicle Maintenance Subsidy Request

Taxicab Medallion License Accesiblity Fund Payments

City of Chicago Open Doors Organization to provide Centralized Taxicab Dispatch Services for WAV

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