Transition to the 2019 Chicago Construction Codes

July 31, 2020

For building permit applications with architectural plans started on or after August 1, 2020, compliance with the 2019 Chicago Building Code (Title 14B) or 2019 Chicago Building Rehabilitation Code (Title 14R) is mandatory, with limited exceptions for phased permitting and revision permits.

Department of Buildings Code Memorandum 2020-02 provides an update on the transition process for permitting and also establishes the effective dates of requirements for special inspections and applying the new code’s requirements to maximum capacity signs (occupancy placards). 

Because upgrades to the City's permit application system have been delayed until 2021, the Department has prepared instructions to help customers start permit applications for projects subject to the 2019 Chicago Construction Codes using the Hansen Dynamic Portal:

Standard Plan Review (SPR) Self-Certification (SELF-CERT) Direct Developer Services (DDS)
New Construction (including initial buildout) Instructions Instructions Instructions
Building Rehabilitation Instructions Instructions Instructions
Tent / Temporary Structure (Special Construction) Instructions Instructions -
Construction Equipment (Special Construction) Instructions - -
Communication Equipment (Special Construction) Instructions - -