Certificate of Occupancy Inspection

The following are the Rules Regarding Certificates of Occupancy. A building must meet one of these criteria in order to be considered for a C of O. Please do not submit an application or inspection request for a C of O for buildings that do not require them. Oftentimes, the Department of Buildings C of O is confused with the Department of Zoning Certificate of Occupancy. See the Department of Zoning for more information.

In general, Occupancy Certificates may be required for the following types of buildings:

  • Any new or substantially rehabbed multiple dwellings consisting of four (4) or more dwelling units.
  • Newly constructed non-residential buildings over 10,000 square feet.
  • Alternations or repairs of non-residential buildings over 10,000 square feet.
  • Work in existing buildings resulting in a change of occupancy, as "occupancies" are defined in Chapter 13-56 of the Chicago Building Code, "Classification of Buildings by Occupancy." See the code online for more information.
  • Substantial work performed in a new or existing building of Institutional of Assembly use, as defined by the code.

Please Note: A C of O inspection may be requested at the underground, rough and the partial final inspection stages.

If your project meets the above criteria for Certificate of Occupancy, click on the link below. Please specify Rough in comments.

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