Buildings Easy Permit Login

This document provides the user with the steps needed to create a user login and password and complete the Easy Permit Process.


Creating a login is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. At the Login screen select 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.
    1. To create an account you must have the following information:
      1. Are you a contractor ? YES or NO. If YES you will need your license number and daytime phone number. If NO you will need to enter a little information about yourself: your name and address, in addition to your daytime phone number.
      2. User Name - This is the name you will use when logging into the system.
      3. Email - The system will email application confirmation information to this email address. System password will also be sent to this email address. Do not use @AOL addresses. AOL blocks account confirmation from the sending city account. You will not receive a password if you have an AOL email address.
    2. Once all information has been filled in select the 'NEXT' button.
    3. You will be asked to confirm your information. If all information is correct...
  3. Select the 'FINISH' button.

You will be returned to the Login page.

Your password will be emailed to the email address you provided.


Entering the Easy Permit Application

Once you've secured the password, return to the login page and  enter your user name and password.

After providing the User Name and password, you will be at the 'Welcome' page. From here you can 'Apply for a permit application', look up information about permits you have applied for on-line or modify your user account information.

The online Easy Permit Process can be used for the replacement of existing windows(same size and location only-a permit is required for buildings with 4 or more units only, doors(same size and location only-a permit is required for buildings with 4 or more units only, hotwater heaters(a permit is always required), furnaces(a permit is always required), the installation of a non-brick or non-chainlink fence greater than 5 feet tall but only up to 6 feet tall, tuckpointing, and roof recovering only- no structural work can be purchased online (permit required for buildings with 4 or more units only, standard alley access garages built on standard city lots.

Step 1 - Check off the work types you will be doing.

Step 2 - Provide the location where the work will be performed. No need to enter the street suffix or zip code. The system will fill these in for you. Provide building and occupancy details if necessary.

Step 3 - Provide the estimated cost of the work to be performed and a brief description.

Step 4 - Provide the details of the work to be performed.

Step 5 - Provide emergency contact information using the 'use our Additional Contacts form' link and any contractor information that may be required using the 'Use our contractor search' link.

  1. A plumber is required for hot water heaters if occupancy type of dwelling is other than A1.
  2. An electrician is always required for a garage.
  3. A General Contractor is required for all types of work excluding hot water heaters and furnaces if the property is not the owner's primary residence, or even if the owner's primary residence but there are over 6 dwelling units.
  4. A ventilation contractor is required for furnace replacement if there are over 6 dwelling units.
  5. A mason contractor is required for tuckpointing of dwelling unit's occupancy type other than A1.

Contractor Search Tips

It is easiest to search by license number

  1. General Contractor search for license number beginning letters TGCXXXXX (put license number where the X's are) and no trailing letters
  2. For Plumber enter BCXXXX (put license number where the X's are).
  3. For Mason search for license number MCXXXX (put license number where the X's are).

Step 6 - Click Finish, make a note of your application number. Your application will be reviewed and an email will be sent to you. In most cases you will be able to pay for your application next business day with your credit card, then just print your permit.

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