Change the Contractor on My Permit

*An Easy Permit is filled out for ownership and the following contractor changes:

  •   GC
  •   Plumber
  •   Mason
  •   Vent
  •   Refrigeration

A letter (only original letters will be accepted-no faxes and no copies) is required from the new tradesman on their letterhead. It is $75 per contractor change.

For an Electrician, they go on line and pull a permit for maintenance with the number of services as “1” or pull a permit for one receptacle.  The description of work is “change of electrical contractor for original permit #________”.

For Ownership changes we require a copy of the deed as well as a notarized letter from the new owner.

In addition to the above, you are required to fill out an Easy Permit Application.  In the description of work you must indicate that this is a “Change of contractor”.  You should name the contractor type, i.e.: “Change of General Contractor”, or “Change of Ventilation contractor”, etc.  The application must be filled out in its entirety including all the proper signatures.


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