Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter for Building Permit Applications

The Municipal Code of Chicago allows a 10 day window for the local Alderman to review building permit applications (with the exception of residential garage permit applications or repair permit applications).

The Department of Buildings forwards a listing of all permit applications submitted to the Department, which contains the property address and the proposed scope of work, to the Alderman of each respective ward on a daily basis.

To expedite the 10 day window, an applicant may obtain an Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter from their respective Alderman and submit it with their building permit application.  A copy of the Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter can be found here.

To find the Alderman for the address where the permit is being sought, click here.

Please note that an Aldermanic Acknowledge Letter is NOT a waiver from having to obtain a Building Permit and is also NOT a waiver of any provision of the Building Code, Zoning Code or other provisions of the Municipal Code of Chicago.

Please note that the Department does not forward Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter requests to the Alderman.  The applicant or the applicant’s agent is responsible for requesting an Aldermanic Acknowledge Letter from his or her respective Alderman.
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