Overview of the Green Permit Program


The Green Permit Process offers qualifying projects an expedited permit process and possible reduction of the permit fees.  Refer to the Green Permit Process Flow Chart for detailed instructions.  DOB Intake Appointments and preliminary meeting requests for Green Permits and Green technologies can only be made by sending an email request to sophie.martinez@cityofchicago.org.


Projects meeting the following criteria are eligible for the Green Permit Process:

  • Permit applications that include green technologies such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, solar thermal panels, wind turbine and geothermal systems are REQUIRED to be submitted through a Green Permit Program Project Administrator.
  • Commercial project participant must earn certification within the LEED rating system
  • Smaller Residential Project participant must earn certification under the Chicago Green Homes Program checklist based rating system or LEED for Homes.
  • Green Menu Items – All Green Permit Program participants must utilize certain green strategies or green technologies to receive incentives offered by the Green Permit Program.


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