Instructions for Commercial Driveway Permit Application

Please read carefully and submit the following items along with the completed application form

Site plan:  Five (5) copies of a site plan and plat of survey for all proposed driveway or two copies of a site plan for all existing driveways. Dimensioned and drawn to scale.  (Please include dimensions of driveway(s) and descriptive location of the driveway(s) to the nearest cross street.)  Plan must show entire site and all proposed and existing driveway(s).  All existing driveway(s) to be removed must be noted and shown on site plan.  Parkways to be restored to specifications.  Refer to the back of application for additional information.  Must provide a Plat of Survey for all proposed driveways.

Photographs: Three photos of each proposed driveway(s) or one of each existing driveway showing curb sidewalk area.

Certificate of insurance: Furnish a certificate of insurance (property owner’s) to include 1). A combined single limit in the amount of no less than $1,000,000 in general liability 2). The City of Chicago, its officers, employees and agents as an additional insured 3). The driveway addresses or property address as the address listed on the application and 4). The certificate holder’s address as the address shown below.  Please note that the name of the insured on the Certificate of Insurance is the name that should be placed on the application.

Endorsement: Copy of endorsement that demonstrates the City of Chicago has been added as an additional insured consistent with Chapter 10-20-415 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, an example of an acceptable endorsement would include ISO form CG 20 13 11 85 or CG 20 13 04 13

Elevation/slope: All new construction applications must provide five copies of an elevation when driveways(s) enter or exit buildings. All driveways with a slope must provide a surveyor’s engineer report.

Alley access: If you have alley access for motor vehicles into your property, an alley access ordinance is required and must be provided.  An alley access ordinance may be obtained from the alderman of the ward. Written approval from the alderman on aldermanic letterhead pending passage of the ordinance is acceptable. If the alderman objects to alley access, you may apply for a driveway permit on the condition the site plans indicate a barrier, either steel guard rail or fence, will be installed to eliminate alley access within 60 days of insurance of your driveway permit.

Payment of fees: (See fee schedule below) Past due usage fee will be determined at time of application or may be determined in advance of application (please call phone number below).  Driveway will be charged at size of driveway at its widest point

Application:  Must be completed in its entirety and all proposed driveways and also some existing driveways as indicated by CDOT.  Must be signed by the Zoning Department, City Hall, Room 905. Application will not be accepted through the mail.

Application and annual fee schedule (check or money order made payable to the City of Chicago)

Driveway Size
Annual Fee
Driveways up to 25 feet wide
Driveways greater than 25 feet wide and less than 50 feet wide
Driveways greater than or equal to 50 feet wide and less than 80 feet wide
Driveways greater than or equal to 50 feet wide and less than 80 feet wide
Driveways greater than or equal to 120 feet wide and less than 200 feet wide
Driveways greater than or equal to 200 feet wide and less than 500 feet wide
Driveways greater than or equal to 500 feet wide

Locations in the Central Business District will be charged double the normal fee.

Note: for purposes of fee assessment, the width of the driveway shall be measured at its widest point.

Chicago Department of Transportation Driveway Permits
121 N. LaSalle, Room 905
Chicago, IL 60602
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Tel: 312.744.9148   Fax: 312.744.5630

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