Public Health Emergency Preparedness

A public health emergency can be caused by a snow storm, an outbreak of infectious disease or a lengthy power outage that limits access to supplies and services for several days, especially those who are medically dependent on electricity.

1. Emergency Contact Card


  • Complete the emergency card.
  • Give a contact card to every member of your family
  • Give one to your neighbor too!



2. For the Medically Vulnerable


Individuals with disabilities as well as older adults and children may be more vulnerable during a public health emergency. We can't anticipate when there will be an emergency, prepare today.



3. Emergency Kit - Gather your Supplies




In emergencies things that you rely on may not be readily available. Maybe, there is a power outage? Maybe, your phone doesn't work? Maybe, you won't be able to leave your home? Think of your individual needs, those of your family and your pets. Here are some of the things you will need.



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