Board of Health

Board Meeting

The Chicago Board of Health formulates health policies and advises the Mayor and the Public Health Commissioner on all health issues.  The Board promulgates all health regulations.

Establishment - Membership and Organization

There is hereby established a board of health.  The board shall consist of nine members, one of whom shall be the president of the board.  The president of the board shall be physician, duly licensed to practice medicine.  The mayor, with the approval of the city council, shall appoint the president of the board of health and each of the other members of said board.

Powers and Duties

It shall be the duty of the board of health to be well informed regarding all matters affecting the health of the citizens of Chicago. It shall formulate policies and otherwise advise the mayor of the city and the commissioner of health on all health issues.


The Board holds their regular meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at the Chicago Department of Public Health, DePaul Center, 333 South State Street, 2nd Floor Boardroom at 9am.

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