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The health and safety of Chicago’s communities, particularly our most vulnerable residents, is our highest priority. We will post information here to keep residents updated on what’s happening in their community.


Crawford Station Demolition

Click here for updates and documents regarding the Crawford Station demolition.


RMG Expansion on the Southeast Side

Click here for information, updates and documents regarding the proposed expansion of a metal recycling facility.


General Iron Updates

We will continue to ensure that the General Iron facility operates safely and properly for the protection of public health and the environment until its planned move at the end of 2020.

In response to community concerns and in the interest of transparency, information and documents about the status of General Iron’s operations are posted here.

The Chicago Department of Public Health invites you to join held a virtual town hall about the status of General Iron’s operations. 

Read the explosion investigation report from Exponent with details about the incident, analysis of the cause of the explosion and recommendations to prevent future incidents.

Read the review of the explosion investigation report from Project Performance Group.


Public Hearing -  Greenway Resource Recovery LLC

A public hearing pursuant to 11-4-1660 of the Chicago Municipal Code was conducted on September 17, 2020 for Greenway Resource Recovery LLC.’s proposed waste transfer station at 2100 S Kilbourn Avenue. The public hearing was held online. 

A list of the attendees is shown in Table 1. 

Table 1: Attendees



Renante Marante

Chicago Department of Public Health

Jeff Thompson

Greenway Resource Recovery LLC (Applicant)

Danielle Cassel


(Council for Greenway)

Brian de Varona

Weaver Consultants Group (Consultant for Greenway)

Rich Golf

Lakeshore Recycling Systems

John Hock

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

(Consultant for Lakeshore)

Reshorna Fitzpatrick

Historic Stone Temple Church (nearby resident)



















The meeting started at 5:00 p.m. and ended by 5:40 P.M. Jeff Thompson presented on behalf the applicant. A copy of his presentation is available here.  John Hock posed several questions regarding the application but did not expressly object to the project. Rashorna Fitzpatrick, a resident of the community, communicated her support for the proposed transfer station.

Greenway’s application is under review by CDPH. For questions regarding the hearing or the application, please contact Renante Marante at

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