Financial Assistance for Lead Abatement

The Chicago Department of Public Health has limited grant funding to assist low-income homeowners and landlords of affordable housing with eliminating lead hazards in their buildings. These programs offer between 50% and 100% of the funding needed to make the property lead safe. Assistance is offered as grants, loans, or forgivable loans. Eligibility varies based on the program, and can only be determined upon application. In general all properties must:

  • Have been built before 1978
  • Be adequately insured
  • Be current on taxes
  • Be in reasonably good repair beyond the lead problems
  • Have a clean title (the property can not be in foreclosure and special rules may apply to trusts or recently purchased properties)
  • Have identified lead hazards (If property was not already inspected, CDPH inspectors will identify hazards before any work starts - you do not need to have hazards identified before applying)
  • Have all units in the building participate in the program – we will not do a single unit in a multi-unit building

Single Family Homes/Properties with less than four units can qualify for up to 100% of the abatement costs, depending on their income level and the number of units, if:

  • A child six or younger lives or regularly visits at the property
  • The property owner makes less than 120% of the Area Median Income (up to $97,500 for a family of four in 2007)

Multi-family homes with four or more units can qualify for up to 75% of the abatement costs if:

  • The majority of the rental units are affordable (less than 30% of the 50% Area Median Income, approximately $940 per month in 2007)
  • The owner and building meet financing criteria for the 25% match

All owners will be required to agree to keep rents affordable and offer priority to renting to families with young children for three years afterwards. In some cases, if the property is sold within three years, the grants or loans may be subject to re-capture. Owners must also agree to maintain their properties in a lead-safe fashion to ensure hazards do not re-occur. Owners or their representatives will be required to attend a two-hour class on lead safety at CDPH.

For any additional questions or information, call (312) 746-6520

Participation Priorities

Priority will be given to buildings located in CDPH’s targeted high-risk communities on the South and West sides of the city. These areas face disproportionately high rates of lead poisoning and are therefore priorities for receiving financial assistance in accordance with our grant agreements. Additionally, properties with currently lead poisoned children may receive priority over buildings without poisoned children. CDPH may limit participation from non-priority properties.

Application Process

Not accepting applications at this time.

For properties with four more units, please contact CDPH at (312) 746-6520 for more information, or learn more about one of our sponsored programs by downloading the Chicago Lead Safe Windows brochure.

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