HIV/AIDS Primary Care Clinics

Chicagoans’ health needs are diverse, just like our communities. CDPH is dedicated to working continuously in partnership with community members to promote the best public health practices for the prevention, treatment, care, and to promote the highest quality services for the health and well being of individuals living in the City of Chicago.

CDPH's HIV Early Intervention Services Program provides care for persons living with HIV. These programs provide integrated, life-sustaining services that include primary medical care, mental health assistance and comprehensive support to promote healthy living for our clients.

Our caring teams of HIV specialists include physicians, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, case managers, and medical assistants who provide comprehensive, integrated, multidisciplinary HIV specialty care services tailored to individual client needs.

Services are offered by appointment.

Service eligibility:

  • Chicago land resident
  • Living with HIV/AIDS

HIV Primary Care Clinic hours and locations:

Englewood Primary Care Clinic
641 W. 63rd St.
Phone: 312.745.0667
Fax: 312.747.0292
Mon., Wed., Fri.: 8 am – 4 pm
Tue., Thu.: 10 am – 6 pm

Uptown Primary Care Clinic
845 W. Wilson
Phone: 312.744.1935
Fax: 312.744.1308
Mon., Wed., Fri.: 8 am.– 4 pm
Tue., Thu.: 10 am.– 6 pm


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Programs & Initiatives:

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