Substance Use Disorder


To find treatment for a Substance Use Disorder near you, go to Chicago Connects.


  • Chicago Connects provides listings of drug and alcohol treatment programs.
  • Chicago Connects has information on hotlines.
  • Chicago Connects shares information about addiction.
  • Chicago Connects has information on peer support groups.
  • Chicago Connects also has information on mental health services.


To learn more about Opioid Use Disorders, go to Overcome Opioids.

Overcoming Opioids shares the lasts information about opioid use disorders to:

  • Understand the problem
  • Prevent opioid overuse and overdose
  • Respond to an overdose, including how to use Naloxone
  • Recover from opioid addiction


Call the Illinois Opioid Helpline at: 1-833-2-FINDHELP


General Information and Other Resources

Substance use disorder (SUD), which can include addiction, is a medical diagnosis that describes the mental, behavioral, and physical symptoms caused by the use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or other drugs. These symptoms can include tolerance to increased amounts of drug use, withdrawal symptoms from suddenly stopping use, inability to control or cut down use, and neglecting important work or refusing to participate in social activities in order to take drugs.

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