Flu clinics in the City of Chicago

We are currently out of high-dose flu vaccine. High dose flu vaccine will be made available at sites as soon as it is shipped by the manufacturers to the Chicago Department of Public Health. This website will be updated when it is available.

Date Day Event Address Time Location
10/18/2019 Friday 32nd Ward Office 2657 N. Clybourn Ave. 11AM-3PM N
10/19/2019 Saturday Family Flu - Daley College 7500 S. Pulaski Rd. 9AM-2PM SW
10/19/2019 Saturday Family Flu - Truman College 1145 W. Wilson Ave. 9AM-2PM N
10/20/2019 Sunday St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church 1936 W. 48th St. 9AM-2PM S
10/21/2019 Monday 29th Ward Office 6272 W. North Ave. 3PM-7PM W
10/23/2019 Wednesday 24th Ward Office 1158 S. Keeler Ave. 10AM-1PM W
10/24/2019 Thursday 27th Ward Office 4 N. Western Ave., Unit 1C 11AM-3PM N
10/24/2019 Thursday 20th Ward Office 5707 S. Wentworth Ave. 4:30PM-7:30PM S
10/25/2019 Friday South-East Asia Center 5120 N. Broadway St. 12PM-3PM N
10/26/2019 Saturday 35th Ward - William P. Nixon School 2121 N. Keeler Ave. 10AM-2PM N
10/26/2019 Saturday 4th Ward - Oakwood Shores Community Center 3825 S. Vincennes Ave. 10AM-2PM S
10/28/2019 Monday 10th Ward Office 10500 S. Ewing Ave. 9AM-2PM SE
10/29/2019 Tuesday BCBSIL Blue Door Neighborhood Center 756 E. 111th St. 10AM-2PM S
10/30/2019 Wednesday 48th Ward Office 5533 N. Broadway St. 10AM-2PM N
11/2/2019 Saturday 40th Ward Office 5620 N. Western Ave. 10AM-2PM N
11/2/2019 Saturday 45th Ward - Jefferson Park Field House 4822 N. Long Ave. 10AM-2PM NW
11/2/2019 Saturday 37th Ward Office 4926 W. Chicago Ave. 9AM-12PM W
11/4/2019 Monday 13th Ward - Westlawn Park 4233 W. 65th St. 10AM-1PM SW
11/9/2019 Saturday 22nd Ward - Vittum Park 5010 W. 50th St. 10AM-1PM W
11/9/2019 Saturday Hana Center 4300 N. California Ave. 10AM-2PM N
11/9/2019 Saturday 47th Ward - Chicago Public Library Sulzer Branch 4455 N. Lincoln Ave. 10AM-3PM N
11/10/2019 Sunday Bernard Horwich JCC 3003 W. Touhy Ave. 10AM-2PM N
11/15/2019 Friday 49th Ward - Chicago Public Library Rogers Park Branch 6907 N. Clark St. 10AM-3PM N
11/16/2019 Saturday 16th Ward Office 5411 S. Ashland Ave. 11AM-3PM S
11/23/2019 Saturday BCBSIL Christ Universal Temple 11901 S. Ashland Ave. 11AM-3PM S
12/3/2019 Tuesday Chicago City Hall 121 N. La Salle St. 9AM-2PM Central
12/7/2019 Saturday Whole Foods 832 W. 63rd St. 9AM-2PM S

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