Pollution Prevention Unit

The Chicago Department of Public Health’s Pollution Prevention Unit works to improve air quality and reduce emissions in the city through specific permitting, inspection, and enforcement programs: 

  • The permitting process addresses and arrests potential air quality problems before they begin. Any facility and/or equipment with the potential to emit air pollutants must be equipped with adequate control devices before it can be installed and operated in the city. 
  • Permitted facilities/equipment are inspected to ensure that they are operated and maintained in a safe and proper manner. Inspections also promote the exchange of information on pollution prevention and best management practices between facilities. In addition, the Unit responds to and investigates citizens’ complaints. 
  • Through enforcement, CDPH helps non-compliant companies come into compliance. "Defect Notices", "Notices of Violation", and administrative hearings are effective tools for bringing non-compliant companies into compliance.

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