Initial Pharmaceutical Representative License

A Pharmaceutical Representative who does business with health care professionals while both are within the City must acquire a license from the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection prior to doing business in the City on 15 or more days in a calendar year.

Pharmaceutical representatives should click here to begin the licensing process. For additional information, click here:

Step 1

Start initial licensing process at Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) . Select “apply for a Business License’ and then “Apply Online”.

Step 2

Complete the approved courses within the city’s Learning Management System. Download certificate of completion. The certificate will also be emailed to you.

Step 3

Upload course certificate and submit payment, again at After review, license will be issued. Same as other steps with the photos.

Auditing: You will not have to submit the certificates as part of the license renewal process, but you will need to retain them.  Upon renewing the license, applicants will affirm that 5 hours of approved continuing education have been completed in the preceding year. Each year, CDPH will audit a subset of renewal applications to confirm that applicants have completed this continuing education requirement.

Upon request, applicants must provide information on courses completed, including

  • The title and date of the course (s)
  • Number of credit hours completed
  • Name of the education provider (s)
  • Signed certificate (s) of completion

CDPH may confirm this education with the continuing education provider.

Approved courses: 202`1-2022 CE credit courses

  • Review the list of approved courses; listed in sections by Education Provider
  • Note: Each Education Provider has an email listed for any problems or questions with specific courses
  • Select your course(s) and the follow the course link to access selected course(s) with cost and delivery details (as applicable)
  • Take the course(s).
  • Make sure you obtain your certificate of completion for each course taken (contact the provider immediately with problems)
  • Keep this certification your records (for at least 5 years) to submit to the Pharma Rep Education team if your record is audited in the future.

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