Discrimination and stigma, or unfair and negative beliefs, are much more than just funny looks, whispers and words. Stigma actually kicks off a cycle of hate and dehumanization that can lead to violence, homelessness, higher risk for diseases like HIV, and even suicide, especially for LGBTQ people.

#NoRoom4Stigma is a new anti-stigma campaign developed by CDPH that highlights and challenges stigma and common prejudices against LGBTQ youth that often lead to health disparities like increased risk for homelessness, violence, HIV, and suicide.

In Chicago, 20% of LGBT youth reported they had missed school because they felt unsafe and 47% of gay or bisexual boys reported being bullied on school property. This stigma leaves a lasting imprint and is a root cause of depression in many youth. More than 58% of LGBT youth reported feeling sad or hopeless and nearly 35% of them seriously considered attempting suicide.*

Artist and advocate, Taylor Bennett has joined forces with The Chicago Department of Public Health to give a voice to LGBTQ youth who are facing bullying or discrimination. Learn how you can join the movement below and stand with LGBTQ youth against stigma and discrimination.

*Youth Risk Behavior Survey - https://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/data/yrbs/results.htm 


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