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Safety First, Safety Always

Keep Our Kids Safe in Hot Weather

Water hydrants are not for recreation! 

Children Are At Risk
The Chicago Fire Department reminds you that opening a fire hydrant may seem like an easy way to have fun and cool off in hot weather, but it can and has been very dangerous.
The rushing water makes enough noise that children cannot hear approaching traffic and the spray hides children from the view of motorists. Add that to the fact that some drivers will purposely go into the spray to cool off and “wash” their cars and you have a situation that can be disastrous.

Homes Are At Risk

Opening hydrants can cause a significant drop in water pressure, making it more difficult for fire engines to pump hard enough to supply enough water to quickly put out house fires.  Reduced pressure can cause more fire engines to be needed tying up more resources and increasing the chance of traffic accidents.

What Can I Do?

  • Be Alert Make A Call
  •  If you see a hydrant that has already been opened please dial 311 to get it closed.
  •  If you see someone in the process of opening a hydrant call 911.


Remember our children and homes are at stake!

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