April 12, 2018

Disciplinary Recommendation Relating to the Shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones Under Review by a Chicago Police Board Member

The recommendation for discipline of Police Officer Robert Rialmo relating to the December 2015 fatal shooting of Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones is currently under review by a member of the Chicago Police Board. As outlined in the Municipal Code of Chicago, the required steps for resolving disagreements over discipline is now beginning.

When a disagreement arises between the Chief Administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) and the Superintendent of Police over the recommended discipline for a police officer, the Municipal Code of Chicago provides that the Police Board designate a member to resolve the disagreement. Late yesterday afternoon, as a result of a dispute in the above case, the Chief Administrator referred the above matter to the Police Board.  A member of the Police Board who has been selected on a random basis will follow the standard practice for review of such matters.

The Board member will:

  • Review the Chief Administrator’s recommendation for discipline, the Superintendent’s response, and the Chief Administrator’s objections to the Superintendent’s response. (This review must be done within 10 business days; following this review, the Board member may request additional information.)
  • Determine whether the Superintendent met his burden of overcoming the Chief Administrator’s recommendation.
    • If the Superintendent does not meet his burden, the Chief Administrator’s recommendation shall be deemed accepted by the Superintendent, and then the matter will be designated for consideration by the remaining Police Board members.
    • If the Superintendent meets his burden, the Superintendent’s response shall be implemented.
  • Announce the decision resolving the disagreement at the next regular public meeting of the Police Board that takes place after the decision.
  • Issue a written opinion that will be posted at ChicagoPoliceBoard.org.
  • Recuse her/himself from any future involvement with the case by the full Police Board, if the matter is designated for consideration by the Police Board.

See Section 2-78-130 of the Municipal Code of Chicago and Article VI of the Police Board’s Rules of Procedure for detailed information on the review process.


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