June 14, 2012

“Chicago Pix” Now On Display At City Hall

City’s Beauty as Captured by Citizen Photographer

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The first installation of “Chicago Pix” is now available for view on the 5th Floor Lobby of City Hall, (121 N. LaSalle Street) outside the offices of Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The 19 images were selected from dozens of entries submitted to the Visual Arts Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, (DCASE) which also served to curate the display.

The images are playful such as Yellow Fellows depicting the “participants” of the Windy City Rubber Ducky Derby, uniquely Chicago with photos reflecting sculptures such as The Bean (Cloud Gate in Millennium Park) and Agora in Grant Park, and some are a slice of life such as Back Dive depicting that first foray into a still-chilled Lake Michigan or children enjoying the Daley Plaza sculpture in Angel on the Picasso.

The photographers of Chicago Pix are Chicagoans by birth or by choice, making the city their home from places as far away as Mississippi and abroad as one transplanted Scotsman finds the beauty in the fire escapes of American buildings with Stairway to Heaven and a Polish immigrant finds Aqua Tower to be reminiscent of her homeland’s Tatra Mountains.

All of the framed images will be given to the applicants upon completion of the exhibit.

The selected images and each photographer is listed below.

Rolour Garcia
Milosh Kosanovich   
Angie McMonigal    
Douglas Boehm
Alexander Keele Xochitl Ramirez
Yvette Meltzer Brent C. Blanc         
Katarzyna Dabrowska Luke Pickard           
Michael Wilhelmi     
Kate Puccia 
Casey Degnan     
Gordon Kenmuir    
Tara Vorhes 
Monika Thorpe
Kyle O’Donnell         
Nate Gautsche
Mark Mysliwiec        











Images available upon request     

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