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Food truck vendors at the Taste of Chicago
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5-day Eateries

Pop-up Eateries

Food Trucks



Admission is FREE. Food and beverage tickets are sold on site in strips of 14 tickets for $10 (includes $3 charge for Taste amenities). Smaller "Taste of" portions" are available for 3-6 tickets. Ticket booths accept cash, credit and debit.

V = Menu includes Vegan items
GF = Menu includes Gluten Free item


Aztec Dave’s Food Truck (GF)


Steak Taco; Corn in a Cup

Taste of: Al Pastor Taco; Chicken Taco


Beavers Coffee + Donuts


Large – Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar or Chocolate Powder Donuts; Medium – S'mores, Turtle, Strawberry Bella or Nutella® Dream Donuts; Medium – Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar or Chocolate Powder Donuts

Taste of: Mini – Cinnamon Sugar, Powdered Sugar or Chocolate Powder Donuts; Mini – S'mores, Turtle, Strawberry Bella or Nutella® Dream Donuts

Big Wang's Chinese Street Food - New (GF)


Chicken Fried Rice; Crab Rangoons (3); Vegetarian Fried Rice

Taste of: Pork & Shrimp Eggroll; Chicken Fried Rice


Coastline Catering - New (GF)


Lobster BLT with Cape Cod Chips; Crab Sliders (2) with Cape Cod Chips; Lobster Roll with Kettle Chips

Taste of: Shrimp Tacos; Lobster Nachos

Da Pizza Dude - New


Margarita Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza

Taste of: Margarita Pizza; Pepperoni Pizza




6" Stuffed Cheese Pizza; 6" Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza; 6" Stuffed Sausage Pizza

Taste of: Stuffed Cheese Pizza; Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza; Stuffed Sausage Pizza

Harold's Chicken


Wings (3); Chicken Tenders (3); French Fries

Taste of: Nuggets (2); Wing Drummets (2); Okra


La Cocinita (GF)


The Pork Patacon: Crispy Plantain "Sandwich" with Pulled Pork, Queso Fresco & Spicy Guava Sauce; Chicken Tacos with Cheese and Chipotle Crema; Black Bean & Cheese Arepa

Taste of: Pork Pataconcito (Mini, Open-faced); Chicken Street Taco

Lawrence's Fish & Shrimp


Lightly Breaded Shrimp

Taste of: Lightly Breaded Shrimp; Corn Fritter


Mr. Quiles Mexican Food Truck - New


Steak Torta with Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese & Sour Cream; Steak Burrito with Beans, Lettuce, Tomato, cheese & Sour Cream

Taste of: Steak Taco with Onion & Cilantro; Steak Tostada with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese & Sour Cream

Ms. Tittle's Cupcakes - New


Taste of: Red Velvet Cupcake; Turtle Love Cupcake; Salted Caramel Cupcake; Lemon Cupcake; Sprinkles Cupcake; Butter Cookies (2)


Pink Flamingo Food Truck - New


Slice "Queen" Pizza (Roman Style Pizza with Tomato, Cheese & Basil); Slice “Pepperoni” Pizza; Meatball Sub

Taste of: Slice "Queen" Pizza; Meatball Sub

Fri|Sat|Sun (GF)

Twin Taco Tinga de Pollo; Empanada de Elote; Guacamole, Chips & Salsa

Taste of: Twin Taco Tinga de Pollo; Empanada de Elote

Pink Taco - New (GF)


Barbacoa Taco; Shrimp Taco; Carnitas Taco

Taste of: Guacamole & Chips; Pink Taco; Street Corn


The Lifeway Kefir Shop (GF)


Original Frozen Kefir with Two Toppings; Black Raspberry Frozen Kefir with Two Toppings

Taste of: Original Frozen Kefir; Black Raspberry Frozen Kefir

Three Legged Tacos - New (V)(GF)


Esquites Side

Taste of: Achiote Tofu Taco; Fried Chicken Taco; Pibil Pork Taco; Corned Brisket Taco


Whadda Jerk - New (GF)


Jerk Fried Burritos; Jerk in a Jar; Jerk Nachos

Taste of: Fries; Jerk Taco; Jerk Roll

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