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Chicago Food Policy Action Council(click on image to enlarge)


Taste of Chicago is a proud participant in the City of Chicago’s Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP). Select food vendors at this year’s festival are part of a pilot program to explore more locally grown, sustainable, fair, humane and healthy food sourcing for their Taste menu items:

  • Aunty Joy’s Jamaican Kitchen
  • Egg Rolls, Etc.
  • Jeannie’s Flan
  • Jus Sandwiches
  • Nourish Catering

For more information about GFPP, visit their table in the Farm to Festival area.


GFPP is a national program that helps cities and other public institutions shift their food purchasing toward five core values:

Local Economies

Environmental Sustainability

Valued Workforce

Animal Welfare



The Chicago City Council adopted GFPP in 2017. That means more locally grown ingredients in school lunches and senior meals on wheels, better working conditions for farmworkers and other foodservice staff that supply food, more humane treatment of animals and a healthier Chicago!


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