2018 Project Highlights

The “Project Highlights” booklet is an overview of Department of Planning and Development (DPD) projects and programs that were either initiated or largely completed between January and December of 2018.

These highlights are just a portion of DPD’s accomplishments over the last year, but they collectively represent the wide variety of transformative community development initiatives coordinated by this department.

The booklet is arranged in sections that correspond to DPD’s bureaus of Economic Development, Housing, and Planning, Zoning and Preservation. Working cooperatively, the bureaus worked with private developers, delegate agencies, elected officials, sister agencies and other community stakeholders to ensure City of Chicago resources were efficiently allocated for each project within the context of community development goals.

DPD resources include grants, loans, land sales, tax credits, property tax reductions, site assembly assistance, planning and zoning review, and a variety of other tools that improve neighborhoods, create jobs for local residents, and make Chicago one of the most livable cities in the country.

David Reifman

David L. Reifman, Commissioner
Department of Planning and Development

2018 Project Highlights Report

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