Chicago Sustainable Development Policy Committee Members

Committe for Chicago Sustainable Development Policy

Over a 10-month period in 2016, the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) worked in conjunction with an advisory committee made up of developers and sustainability experts to create the new Chicago Sustainable Development Policy. The process also included more than a dozen meetings with developers, law offices, architectural firms and advocacy organizations to solicit feedback.

DPD would like to thank the committee members for their efforts toward making Chicago one of the most livable and sustainable cities in the world.

2016 Committee on the Chicago Sustainable Development Policy

Alison Lindburg, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

Andrew Billing, Mackie Consultants

Barbara Hickey, The John Buck Company

Benjamin Skelton, Cyclone Energy Group

Billy McGhee, DPD

Carl Giometti, Studio GC


Christopher Wheat, Office of the Mayor

Cindy Roubik, DPD

Craig Burton, Interface Engineering

Jade Paul, CH2M

Jamie Ponce, Environmental Law and Policy Center

Jeff Wickenkamp, Hey and Associates, Inc.

John Mlade, YR&G

Joseph Clair, dbHMS

Judith Pollock, Judy Pollock Consulting

Karen Weigert, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Kathleen Dickhut, DPD

Katie Kaluzny, USGBC-Illinois Chapter

Laura Demink, Terry Guen Design Associates

Lauren Umek, Chicago Park District

Meg George, Neal and Leroy, LLC

Michael Berkshire, DPD

Noah Szafraniec, DPD

Rand Elkman, HKS, Inc.

Ron Daye, DPD

Samantha Bingham, Chicago Department of Transportation

Terry Guen, Terry Guen Design Associates

Tom Price, Conservation Design Forum

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