Asset Management


The bureau is responsible for real estate management, including negotiating agreements for leased space and optimizing space use for both leased and City-owned facilities.  Additionally, the bureau provides oversight for a variety of City-wide services including printing, graphic design, and photography services; central mail delivery; document retention services; and ComEd franchise oversight.

AIS Right of Entry

Information, forms and documents to be submitted to request a right of entry (ROE) to a city-owned propertyIn order to process your request, you must provide the information in the Right of Entry Request Form, a completed EDS and a Certificate of Insurance. Once you have returned and completed those three items to me, we can begin to process your request.

City of Chicago Photography

The Bureau of Asset Management's Photography Services has made available over 250 images of Chicago's stunning beauty for sale online.

Visit the Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk. Learn, dine and explore along the Chicago River.

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