2019-23 Five-Year Housing Plan: One Chicago

"One Chicago: Housing Strategies for a Thriving City" is the current Five-Year Housing Plan, adopted by City Council in December 2018. The plan seeks to provide for a more equitable neighborhood landscape, including the support of more affordable housing in gentrifying neighborhoods, more tools to help property owners combat displacement, and more incentives for new housing construction in under-invested neighborhoods.

The plan was developed over a seven-month planning process with the assistance of approximately 120 housing professionals, more than twice as many as the previous five-year plan. Members of the public also added insight, participating in a public hearing and submitting more than 150 ideas through an online portal. Innovations incorporated into the plan include a three-tiered approach to the housing needs of different neighborhoods, including high-, moderate- and lower-cost submarkets.

Questions and comments on "One Chicago" can be directed to doh@cityofchicago.org.

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