2022-23 Community Development Grant Application (CDGA)

The Office of Budget and Management (OBM) is releasing a Community Development Grant Application (CDGA) Request for Proposal (RFP) on behalf of the Department of Housing (DOH) to fund community-based organizations that administer housing programs serving Chicago’s 77 communities for fiscal years 2022 and 2023. Download the RFP Booklet for detailed program information.

Key Dates:
RFP Submissions Begin: 9 a.m., Monday, May 3, 2021
Response Due Date: 12:00 p.m., Thursday, June 17, 2021

Below is list of the programs that will be funded under the RFP. Detailed descriptions of each program, its requirements, performance measures, and selection-criteria can be found in the CDGA RFP.

  • Technical Assistance Citywide (TACIT)
  • Technical Assistance Community (TACOM)
  • Housing Counseling Centers (HCC)
  • Foreclosure Prevention Program (FPP)
  • Small Accessible Repairs for Seniors (SARFS)
  • Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)
  • Neighborhood Lending Program (NLP)

The Technical Assistance Webinar recorded on April 21, 2021 can be found below. Download the list of Q&A from the webinar for answers to common questions.

CDGA Information
The RFP applications will be accepted from May 3 to June 17. Proposals should be submitted through the City’s online eProcurement System. Technical questions regarding the online application should be submitted through eProcurement.


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