Chicago Community Land Trust

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The Chicago Community Land Trust (CCLT) was founded in 2006 to address the increasingly limited supply of funding for affordable housing. The goal of the CCLT is to preserve the long-term affordability of homes created through City programs and maintain a permanent pool of homeownership opportunities for working families.

The CCLT is a non-profit corporation, with a board of directors that is appointed by the Mayor with Chicago City Council consent. Meetings are held at City Hall, 121 N. La Salle St., #1003A. The Land Trust operates citywide and is administered and staffed by the Chicago Department of Planning and Development. Once the CCLT acquires 200 homes, one-third of the Board will consist of CCLT homeowners.


Bruce Gottschall, President
Patricia Abrams,Vice President
Ofelia Navarro, Secretary
Calvin Holmes, Treasurer
Joy Aruguete
Joel Bookman
Eva Brown
Pamela Gecan
Tim Hughes


Edward H. Jacob
Anthony Simpkins - Ex-Officio
Rosanna Marquez
Robert McGhee
Michelle Morales
Guacolda Reyes
William W. Towns
Jeffrey Wright


2018 Board & Committee Meetings

Meetings are subject to change – Please confirm meetings with CCLT staff before you make plans to attend!

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