Request for Applications (RFA) - City Lots for Working Families

The Department of Housing (DOH) requests the submission of applications to develop housing on designated lots in the Englewood, Garfield Park and Humboldt Park community areas. DOH will select developers to design, construct, market, and sell owner-occupied housing under the City Lots for Working Families program on sites currently owned by the City.

Respondents to this Request for Applications (RFA) are invited to complete an application to help the City achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • stimulation of the development of owner-occupied housing available at market rate prices and at prices which are affordable for purchase by households earning up to 120% of area median income
  • redevelopment of communities with a combination of market rate and affordable components
  • construction of new housing in under-developed areas of the city
  • development of vacant land
  • economic integration of housing and other development
  • increase the real estate property tax base of the city

DOH will evaluate applicants from the standpoint of ability to expeditiously construct and sell quality affordable single family homes in an urban market. Homebuyers who purchase homes developed as a result of this RFA will be available for grants under the Building Neighborhoods and Affordable Homes Program (BNAH). Grant funds are not unlimited and will therefore be available to homebuyers on a first come, first served basis until available funds are depleted.

The maximum BNAH grant amount is $60,000. Grant funds can be used to cover costs as follows:

  • Appraisal gap (difference between sales price and lender’s appraisal value); and
  • A cap of $15,000 for non-neighborhood residents and $20,000 for current neighborhood residents above appraisal gap may be used for:
  • Closing costs
  • Down payment
  • Senior loan principal reduction
  • Appraisals, inspections, pre-paid interest/points, 1 year pre-paid insurance. 

Questions regarding City Lots for Working Families program should be submitted in writing and delivered to DOH via fax at 312.742.0264 or via e-mail at

Complete copies of the RFAs are available below.




Key Target Dates 

RFA Issuance: Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019

An interested parties conference will take place from 9:30 to 11 a.m.on Monday, Dec. 23, 2019 at City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St., Room 1003A

RFA Due Date: Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2019


Download the RFA for Englewood

Download the RFA for Garfield Park & Humboldt Park

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