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Danielle DuMerer CIO and Commissioner

Danielle DuMerer, CIO & Commissioner

  • 312.742.1221

Danielle is CIO and Commissioner of the City of Chicago's Department of Innovation and Technology, where she is working to improve how residents interact with government by creating more responsive and accessible digital services.

Danielle brings over ten years experience in government tech, having served as the City’s CTO and leading data, digital inclusion, and other strategic initiatives. In 2016, Danielle and her team were recognized by the Chicago chapters of SIM and AITP as the Most Effective IT Team in a large company.

Prior to joining government, Danielle developed educational technology products at the McGraw-Hill Companies. She also worked in the Library and Archives field—serving educational and non-profit organizations to promote equitable access to and preservation of information resources.

Danielle holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She lives in Chicago with her husband and daughter. 

Office of the CIO

Laticia Latham    Executive Assistant to the CIO & CTO 312.744.0240
Carleton Nolan Chief Technology Officer & First Deputy Commissioner 312.744.3963

Enterprise Applications

Carleton Nolan Managing Deputy CIO, Enterprise Applications 312.744.3963
Derrick Brownlee IT Director, Customer Relationship Management  312.744.8129
Rachelle Hendele IT Director, Health & Human Services  312.744.6099
Maribel Lopez IT Director, Revenue & Tax 312.744.5322
Adrian Molato  IT Director, HR & Finance 312.744.5318
Eric Tenfelde IT Director, Inspections & Permitting  312.742.3765

Software Development & GIS  

Doug Hurdelbrink IT Director, Software Development & GIS 312.744.9030

Technical Operations

Roderick Warren IT Director, Technical Operations 312.742.6703
Kevin Kirby Manager of Network & Telecommunications 312.744.2502

Information Security

Bruce Coffing Chief Information Security Officer  312.744.2461

Planning, Policy & Management

Stacey Mansker-Young IT Director, Planning, Policy & Management 312.742.0530

Data Science

  Chief Data Officer  


Jason Kunesh Design Director 312.744.7610
Yolanda Gardner Director of Finance & Administration    312.744.7560

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