Innovation and Technology


Carleton Nolan, Acting CIO & Commissioner

  • 312.744.3963


Office of the CIO

Laticia Latham    Executive Assistant to the CIO & CTO 312.744.0240
Carleton Nolan Chief Technology Officer & First Deputy Commissioner 312.744.3963

Enterprise Applications

Derrick Brownlee Managing Deputy CIO, Enterprise Applications 312.744.3963
Derrick Brownlee IT Director, Customer Relationship Management  312.744.8129
Rachelle Hendele IT Director, Health & Human Services  312.744.6099
Maribel Lopez IT Director, Revenue & Tax 312.744.5322
Adrian Molato  IT Director, HR & Finance 312.744.5318
Eric Tenfelde IT Director, Inspections & Permitting  312.742.3765

Software Development & GIS  

Doug Hurdelbrink IT Director, Software Development & GIS 312.744.9030

Technical Operations

Roderick Warren IT Director, Technical Operations 312.742.6703
Kevin Kirby Manager of Network & Telecommunications 312.744.2502

Information Security

Bruce Coffing Chief Information Security Officer  312.744.2461

Planning, Policy & Management

Stacey Mansker-Young IT Director, Planning, Policy & Management 312.742.0530

Data Science

  Chief Data Officer  


Jason Kunesh Design Director 312.744.7610

Finance & Administration

Yolanda Gardner Director of Finance & Administration 312.744.7560

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