Enterprise Applications

 The Enterprise Applications program manages, maintains, designs, and develops all of the enterprise applications. These applications include: financial management, purchasing, human resource, regulatory, inspections, customer relationships management, health and human services, and procurement and compliance.


The CRM Program is composed of a suite of software applications that enable the delivery and tracking of many City services that directly touch individual constituents and businesses.


  • Customer Service Request (CSR) system is the City’s cornerstone software application that enables citizens and businesses to request City services
    • to be initiated online or by phone to 311,
    • to be distributed to the appropriate City service departments that deliver the requested services, and
    • to be tracked for status and for outcomes through the completion of the request, which also may be inquired about online or by phone to 311. 


CSR is the a primary touch-point between the constituents who initiate a request and the City’s service delivery departments that perform City public services, human well-being services, property-related services, business-related services, non-emergency services.  The CSR software also interfaces with most of the City’s other enterprise software applications which track the actual work performed and the services delivered by these City departments. 


  • Administrative Hearings Management System (AHMS) is the software application that enables many of the services provided by the Administrative Hearing Department.   The system coordinates, tracks and reports on the matters which are reviewed and adjudicated relating to the public health, safety, welfare, morals and economic well being of the residents of the City of Chicago.  

Since the hearings relate to buildings, consumer affairs, environmental safety, vehicles and other municipal matters this system also interfaces with many other City systems which supply or receive information regarding violations, inspections, permits, citations, ownership, payments, tows, and other cases.


  • Permitting / Case Management / Digger  is the software application that enables City services which are provided by several departments such as transportation for trucks axle weight distribution & bridge selection/use permits and for moving vans through the Internet, CASE permits, Citizen Utility Alert Network (CUAN) / Digger.


Since these services relate to other City and utilities’ services, this system also interfaces with several applications regarding service requests, permits and cashiering payments



  • Work / Asset / Inventory Management is a software application that enables the Departments of Aviation and of Streets & Sanitation (i.e., Bureau of Forestry) to track, store, inventory and allocate materials, equipment and assets (e.g.,  City trees) as well as to track and analyze the work performed with these allocated resources.


Since the work performed may be triggered by a request for service, this application interfaces with CSR.  And since some assets are spatially, geographically or geopolitically significant, this application also interfaces with our Geographical Information System (GIS).  


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