FMPS (Financial Management and Purchasing Systems) and CHIPPS (Chicago Integrated Personnel and Payroll Systems)

FMPS and CHIPPS are the major systems of the City of Chicago’s Enterprise Resource Planning suite.  FMPS (Financial Management and Purchasing Systems) is comprised of payables, receivables, general ledger and numerous other modules that ensure City staff process financial transactions with efficiency and accuracy.  CHIPPS (Chicago Integrated Personnel and Payroll Systems) is comprised of human resources and payroll modules that serve as the backbone for maintaining employee records and payroll processing.

DoIT’s program to manage these applications has been in place since go-live in 2002.  The program management team is comprised of skilled technicians, analysts and managers adept in application configuration, database management, business process analysis and project/program management. 

The program team’s purpose is to provide overall vendor management, application management, infrastructure integrity and technical support to all users of the systems.

Working in conjunction with business process leads from Finance, Human Resources and Budget Management, DoIT has developed rigorous procedures for moving configurations and enhancements through the production migration path.  The strict procedures are in place to ensure that no outlying codes or fixes will compromise financial and/or payroll processing.

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