Procurement / Compliance IT

Banner/C2 Program

The Banner/C2 Program is responsible for the financial and technical oversight, project management/development and vendor management of the following applications:

  • Banner Customer Information System
  • Certification and Compliance Diversity Management System also known as (C2).

The Banner Customer Information System:

  • Provides comprehensive customer accounting facilities for the City’s water and sewer services.
  •  Maintains records of customers, premises, services, accounts, meter readings, and inventory.
  • Provides the means to record and bill for services in a cost effective, efficient, and manageable way.
  • The Banner application is used primarily by the Department of Water Management and the Department of Finance.

Certification & Compliance System (C2)

The C2 System is a web-based tool that provides:

  • Enhanced Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) Directory with key-word search
  • Online tracking of MWDBE Goal Attainment
  • Online verification of MWDBE payments
  • Flexible reporting capabilities for staff
  • The C2 Diversity Management System is used primarily by the Department of Procurement Services and City contractors.

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