Revenue IT

IRIS- Integrated Revenue Information System   

IRIS is a custom application that is devoted exclusively to serving the business community.  This application allows for:

  1. The application and renewal of city license(s) in person or on the web
  2. The application of permit(s) for public way privileges
  3. The application and payment of city taxes in person or on the web
  4. The investigation of businesses for licensing and certification compliance
  5. The certification of business cash registers
  6. The certification of various weights and measures
  7. The management and payment for consumer refuse containers

In addition, the application also notifies license holders of any water or parking debt that anyone associated with a business has outstanding.  These notifications allow the business to pro-actively pay outstanding debts before a license is renewed.

ARMS – Account Referral Management System

Used primarily by the Department of Finance/Revenue Division, OBM and Various Departments with Cost Recovery Cases

ARMS is a custom application that primarily:

  1. Refers various types of delinquent City debt and fines to a stables of City authorized law firms for collection.
  2. Records for insurance processing and payment cost recovery cases for a multitude of City departments, such as the Department of Streets and Sanitation, the Department of Transportation  and the Department of Buildings.
  3. Manages employee indebtedness for all City departments and sister agencies.
  4. Validates EMS payments.
  5. Submits City debtors to the State of Illinois for the processing of payments to the City using state refund monies owed to the debtor.
  6. Creates bills issued to venues and organizations for use of City services during profit generating “events” such as ball games and street festivals.

Cashiering System           

The City’s cashiering system consists of:

  1. A front end point of sale (POS) COT (commercial of the shelf software package) that is used to process all in-person payments received at the City’s various payment sites, the City Clerk’s sticker sales offices, the auto pounds and the City’s airports.
  2. A customized backend application for recording revenue and reconciliation processing.   This back end application interfaces with the COT as well as multiple City websites that take payments.

The COT allows the City to stay current regarding payment processing techniques and rules while the backend application manages a multitude of reconciliation processes.  This system has a multi-tiered architecture with a client POS component and a web browser component.

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