Software Development

Our vision is simple: to make it possible to find City information, and conduct every interaction with the City of Chicago, online.

  • Any time, any place and with any device.
  • In a secure, accessible and cost-effective manner.
  • With simple, engaging, easy-to-use tools.

The Software Development team is responsible for the following:

  • Create and support websites, web applications and web services that help City Departments serve their audiences and fulfill their missions.
  • Create and support the City’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS). GIS is used to
    1. assign geospatial location coordinates to City data
    2. maintain and manage 300+ layers of geospatial data sets
    3. create and maintain web applications that use spatial data for analysis and decision-making
    4. produce digital maps of City information.
  • Administer and support certain Enterprise software products that are used throughout the City for document management, performance management and other purposes.

Specific Duties include:

  • Develop and operate the City of Chicago website (
  • Develop and support approximately 150 other custom-developed websites, web applications and web services used by public and internal audiences.
    1. Related activities include website search, analytics, security, accessibility and domain administration.
  • Manage over 300 layers of geographic data in the Enterprise GIS and build web tools and maps from that information.
  • Track Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled City assets and provide this data to other systems.
  • Design, develop and support enterprise shared services, which include (among others) automated routing of 311 Service Requests and online payment processing.
  • Create and manage web hosting environments for City websites and applications.
  • Train and support web content managers who publish information on the City website and the Employee Intranet.
  • Administer and support the City's Enterprise Document Management platform, used by City Departments to store, retrieve and manage documents.
  • Administer and support the City's Enterprise Performance Management database, used by City Departments to track and manage operational performance metrics.

Geographic Information Systems also falls under the Software Development division of the Department of Innovation and Technology.


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