2014 - View Non-Required Disclosures to the Board of Ethics

picture of hand signing a documentThese are disclosures and notifications that the Board of Ethics has received in the current calendar year from City employees and officials who send them voluntarily.  These disclosures are not required by the Governmental Ethics Ordinance; the employees and officials filing them have gone "above and beyond what the law requires."   They cover matters such as recusals and returns of gifts.  For older disclosures, please contact the Board of Ethics. 


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Plewa A Aviation 1/3/14
Robbins D Aviation 1/3/14
Pride K Aviation 1/3/14
OConnor M City Council 1/7/14
 Boland Aviation  1/8/14 
Leach J Aviation 1/8/14
Land M City Council 1/17/14
Mayerbock R City Council 1/21/14
Davis F Buildings 2/3/14
 Wells  Law 2/13/14 
Loeff S Buildings 3/5/14
Dept. Bldgs   Buildings 3/7/14
Silverstein D City Council 3/7/14
Weber E Health 3/20/14
Choucair B Health 3/26/14
Allee M City Council 3/27/14
Department of Buildings Buildings 4/1/14
Allee M City Council 4/14/14
Myers R Transportation 5/1/14
Colon R City Council 5/2/14
Ference A Aviation 5/5/14
Coleman G Procurement 5/16/14
Lotter M  City Council 5/22/14
Stark A Water 5/28/14
Land M City Council 6/13/14
Hightower D Water 6/16/14
Hagel S Aviation 6/19/14
Pride K Aviation 6/19/14
Buidlings Dept Buildings 6/30/14
Choucair B Health 7/7/14
McCarthy G Police 7/7/14
Thomas L City Council 79/14
Silverstein J City Council 7/22/14
Swanson-Nystrom H Office of the Mayor 7/25/14
Swanson-Nystrom H Office of the Mayor 7/28/14
Buildings Dept. of Buildings 9/3/14
Buildings Dept. of Buildings 10/2/14
Thomas L City Council 10/26/14
Swanson-Nystrom H Office of the Mayor 11/14/14
Allee M City Council 11/18/14
Woods M 2FM 11/20/14
 Cizner Office of the Mayor  11/28/14 
Cullerton T City Council 12/1/14
Scott L Finance 12/3/14
Loeff S Buildings 12/4/14
Gribble P Finance 12/17/14
Davis F Buildings 12/18/14
Sledzinska E Aviation 12/18/14
Scott L Finance 12/19/14
Sledzinska E Aviation 12/19/14
Sledzinska E Aviation 12/19/14
Smith M City Council 12/22/14
Ross L City Council 12/22/14
Toledo J Human Resources 12/22/14
Thomas L City Council 12/22/14
Allee M City Council 12/23/14
Allee M City Council 12/23/14
Feher T City Council 12/23/14
Scott L Finance 12/23/14
Swanson-Nystrom H Office of the Mayor 12/23/14
 Swanson-Nystrom Office of the Mayor  12/23/14 
Crowe E Fire 12/23/14
Cullerton T City Council 12/29/14
Manning-Hardimon A Aviation 12/29/14

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