February 8, 2016

Filing of Annual Statements of Financial Interests

Transparency and disclosure of potential conflicts of interests is a cornerstone of ethics regulation, in Chicago and elsewhere. 

On March 1, 2016, about 3,700 City employees and officials will be notified of their requirement to file a Statement of Financial Interests with the Board of Ethics before June 1, 2016, as required by §2-156-150 of the City’s Governmental Ethics Ordinance.  They will also be notified that the penalties for failing to timely file are now:  (1) violators will be fined $250 for each day their violation continues; (2) the Board shall make their names and violations public; and (3) employees who violate this law are subject to employment sanctions, up to and including discharge, and officials who violate this law are subject to removal from office.

The criteria for who must file this yearly form have also changed in recent years.  Through 2012, City employees whose annual City salary was at or above a specified rate needed to file (as well as all City elected officials and members of City boards and commissions that are not solely advisory). Under the November 2012 amendments to the Ordinance City employees need to file depending on their official responsibilities.  Employees who meet these criteria have been identified by their departments.  The criteria are:

  •  Elected officials
  • Department or agency heads
  • Deputy and assistant commissioners or directors
  • Police Department personnel with the rank of Lieutenant and above, and Shakman-exempt civilians
  • Fire Department personnel with the rank of Battalion Chief and above, and Shakman-exempt civilians
  • Chief financial and accounting directors
  • Chief grant coordinators or program managers
  • Employees with policy-making authority
  • Employees with decision-making responsibilities for negotiating, authorizing or approving the performance of City contracts, leases or land use applications
  • Employees who are responsible for inspecting or licensing any person or entity
  • Employees whose primary duty is to invest public funds
  • Employees who direct, supervise or manage 20 or more other City employees
  • Each Mayor’s Office employee is not solely clerical
  • Each City Council employee who is not solely clerical
  • Each person who qualifies as a candidate for elected City office
  • Each appointed official, except a member of a board or commission that is solely advisory and has no authority to make biding decisions, to enter into contracts or to make expenditures (other than expenditures necessarily incurred for research in connection with its advisory function).  For a list of boards and commissions whose members must file, please click here.  For a list of boards and commissions whose members are not required to file, click here.

Also, beginning in 2013, aldermen began filing their forms with the Board of Ethics, rather than with the City Clerk. The Mayor, City Clerk and City Treasurer and about 450 appointed members of various City boards and commissions will still file with the Board of Ethics.

All forms filed with the Board of Ethics since 20011 are made public on this website, as they are accepted for filing. To search for a filed form, please click this link .  The Board keeps forms on file for 7 years after they are filed. Please contact the Board to examine forms filed prior to 2011.

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