November 3, 2015

Debt Relief Program

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Debt Relief Program

Frequently Asked Questions


As part of the 2016 Budget—passed by City Council on October 28, 2015—the City of Chicago will be offering a Debt Relief Program to individuals and businesses that owe eligible debt to the City. The Debt Relief Program will provide individuals and businesses the opportunity to resolve outstanding debt and avoid further costs and collection activity (e.g. driver’s license suspension, vehicle immobilization, business license revocation, and wage garnishment).

When is the Debt Relief Program?

The program will be offered from November 15, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

Which debt is eligible for the Debt Relief Program?

Eligible debt includes unpaid parking and red light camera violations, fines imposed by the Department of Administrative Hearings (e.g. building code violations, drinking on the public way), and taxes (both non-filers and tax assessments) incurred prior to January 1, 2012. Please note that violations or tax obligations that are in a payment plan or pending legal activity with the City are not eligible.

What is the benefit of participation?

Penalties, interest and collection costs associated with the eligible debt will be waived during the Debt Relief Program, reducing the amount due to the original fine or tax amount. Please note that tow fees, storage fees, administrative fees, court costs, and other charges are not subject to the Debt Relief Program.

How do I participate in the Debt Relief Program?

For parking and red light tickets, just pay the amount due for any eligible ticket or fine to take advantage of the Debt Relief discount on such ticket or fine.

For tax, you must complete a Tax Debt Relief application to register with the City. You will also need to file applicable tax returns.

Where can I make a payment?

Payments for parking, red light and administrative violations can be made online, in-person, at a kiosk or via mail:

  • For online payments, please visit and click the appropriate link.
  • For payment center or EZ-Pay kiosk locations, please visit and click the “Payment Locations” button.
  • For payments by mail, please mail to the following addresses:
Parking/Red Light
City of Chicago
P.O. Box 88292
Chicago, IL 60680-1292
Administrative Hearings
City of Chicago
P.O. Box 71429
Chicago, IL 60694-1429


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