Contract Review and Audit


The Office of Contract Management (OCM) addresses the compelling need and value-added capability of comprehensive and efficient post-award contract management by providing leadership and cost-effective solutions and strategies for contract oversight and continuous improvement at contract closeout.


  • To ensure that the City’s vendors fully satisfy their contractual obligations as efficiently and effectively as possible, delivering the business and operational outputs required by the contract at a fair and competitive value
  • To prevent waste, identify savings, and improve the financial and operational performance of the post-award phase of the contract management lifecycle, and
  • To minimize the inadvertent transformation of short-term, competitively bid contracts into long-term contracts through a series of extensions and modifications over time.



In order to achieve its objectives, OCM fulfills the following functions:

  • Identifying and developing a post-award contract administration and close-out framework using industry standards and best practices,
  • Formulating administrative policies and procedures, and recommending contract language to implement a comprehensive, value-added post-award contract management process,
  • Developing tools and templates for Contract Administration Plans that emphasize process, output and outcome and Performance Action Plans that ensure the City receives the goods or services to which it is entitled under the contract,
  • Examining contract modifications to minimize unnecessary cost growth and extensions, and assessing the need for and value of current contracts, and
  • Conducting contract reviews and audits to advance essential contract management principles of efficiency, integrity, and uniformity.



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